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What to Bring for EESystem Sessions

What to Bring for EESystem Sessions
  1. Bring plenty of drinking water for hydration
  2. Bring a large beach towel or bed sheet to cover the chair, socks, a small pillow, and blankets for comfort. Sleep during treatment is the ultimate goal
  3. Bring earplugs or headphones for noise cancellation or to listen to your favorite meditation music or podcast
  4. Bring an eye mask
  5. Bring medications & supplements to expose them to the EESystemâ„¢ technology to improve bio-compatibility
  6. Wear comfortable clothing

Following Up After Your Session
EESystem The energy in the EESystem Room provides cells with the strength that they need in order to release unwanted toxins. These toxins will need to be moved out of the body. Both drinking lots of water before and after the session, and doing a 30-minute detox bath after the session are very important for good results. (If you are not able to take a detox bath, it is highly recommended that you at least do a foot soak with 1/4th of the detox recipe.)
Detox Bath Recipe
  1. 2 cups of baking soda (aluminum free)
  2. 2 cups of sea salt
  3. 1 cup of Borax
Post-session Guidelines
  1. Hydrate yourself adequately as this will help you flush toxins produced during your session
  2. A detox bath within 24 hours of your session is highly recommended to flush toxins. See Detox Bath recipe above
  3. Consider purchasing an enhanced EESystemâ„¢ scalar bracelet/medallion {available in our office) to keep your bio-field surrounded with scalar energy when not in the healing zone of the bio-scaler EESystemâ„¢. These products retain their charge indefinitely