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Bio Resonance Technology

Bio Resonance Diagnostic Technology

Our practice has a unique FDA certified medical device (SensitiveAudit) that has up to 96% accuracy identifying our client's source (root cause) of health issues.

Your typical doctors/practitioners rely almost exclusively on what symptoms they observe or what you tell them. Based on the data collected they make a conclusion that sometime can be incorrect. The reason for that is that many different types of sources result in similar symptoms. For example: some symptoms can be caused by Lyme whereas it can also be a result of mercury toxins in the body. SensitiveAudit eliminates the potential misidentifying thus the appropriate protocol can be applied for the health issues on hand. In addition, it can recommend which supplements to take from a list of brand names.

The non-invasive whole-body scan is equivalent to seeing 12-15 specialists in their field. The doctor / practitioner can see at a glance which organs / systems are under stress thus causing health issues experienced by the client/patient.

Everything in this world is based around a resonant frequency. The resonant frequency of item A, B, C …X, Y, Z are all different. They are the same within all A’s or B's or C's etc.

The SensitiveAudit operates on Bio Resonance feedback technology. Mounted in the earphone piece are 500+ sensors and a hand pad that collects certain parameters. The data collected is compared to a built-in database of resonant frequencies of healthy/unhealthy organs/tissues, pathogens (bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins), inflammation …

After the scan is completed, the unfavorable items are highlighted in red that impact your health presently. The information gathered is by far more focused and extensive than the conventional methods used. If something is uncovered that is far beyond the experience of the operator, the client/patient can be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Sensitive Audit device

Bio Resonance Diagnostic Technology

Listed below is a limited sample of things this device can identify:

  • Non-invasive bio-chemical blood analysis
  • Genetic predispositions and risk
  • Allergens and their reasons
  • Multivariable analysis of homeostasis in systems and organs
  • Evaluate the biological activity of micro-flora
  • Detect acid-alkali balance in tissue
  • EMF (electromagnetic fields) sensitivity (wi-fi, cell phone …)
  • Diseases and stage of development ….

Not only does this device diagnose but it also does therapies such as:

  • Remove inflammation and restore damaged organ functions
  • Normalize micro flora of organ
  • Help remove toxic heavy metals, chemicals, drugs …
  • Help remove addictions to food, alcohol, nicotine …

Having read the above subject matter, you have a very limited view of what this device can do. Our clients have given us great reviews because we have identified the root causes for their health issues and applied the appropriate protocols to resolve them. In short time they were able to see improvements and start feeling better. These results were due to correctly identifying on the first consultation.

Knowing what you gleaned from these pages, you may want to ask yourself:

“do I continue with my current doctor/practitioner who uses only conventional methods of diagnosing and only treating the symptoms”


“I want to see a doctor/practitioner who uses the SensitiveAudit so that I am sure with 96% accuracy the reasons for my health issues have been identified so that the appropriate protocol can be followed from the Get-Go