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I'm 21 years old and I was a student-athlete in college. I had to quit my sport and came very close to dropping out of school due to heath problems. After 2 years of suffering with an extensive list of symptoms that were getting progressively worse and visiting other doctors who could not find the root cause of those symptoms, my mom's friend recommended we visit Dr. Natalia. Dr. Natalia was able to diagnose me and give me so much relief from my multitude of ailments using EES Therapy and supplements during just the one month I was home from college for winter break, that I will now be finishing my degree feeling healthier than I have in years. Thank you Dr. Natalia and John!
Mia Vla

...I could not sleep for a few months without a pillow between my legs because of pain. In the morning when I got up, I had to massage my leg before I could walk. On my way from Virginia to Wisconsin I stopped at Dr Natalia's office. After scanning me and doing some therapies in her office, I danced that night at a wedding. I was surprised I felt no pain going to bed nor need to massage my leg in the morning. The pain was gone after only one session of therapies. It's a miracle. I no longer have that pain in the leg and it has been months since I had the therapy ...
Ivanna R. (W Virginia)

Our son was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015 after many years of misdiagnosis and declining health. Many blood tests and ineffective treatments later, we found Dr. Natalia. We were initially apprehensive to try anything new since our son developed a fear of needles. Our anxiety was quickly diminished as the Bio Resonance machine (BRT) used no needles and caused no pain. I wish we found Dr. Natalia earlier, as it would have saved us all years of pain and suffering. The BRT was able to identify other pathogens and pinpoint the exact areas of infection in his body while we watched on the computer screen. After years of seeing doctors who doubted his pain was real, this machine validated his symptoms. We were able to treat him with the BRT and develop a protocol that addressed his specific needs and we can, without a doubt, say that our son is Lyme free and healthy
Theresa M. (Orland Pk, IL)

Very helpful and informative practitioners. I needed help with my eczema, with which I've struggled for years, and they were able to help me clear my skin within a few visits. Highly recommended. I came here at the recommendation of a friend who also had success with her issues, and am very thankful for her referral.
Christina (Cary IL)

I reside in Toronto Canada. Two years ago I went by bus to visit my mother in a suburb of Chicago. I felt a light pain on my right side at the onset of the 12 hour trip from Toronto. Near the end of trip, the pain became excruciating. When I arrived, I told my mother about the intolerable pain and she recommended I see Dr Natalia Ivashchenko. Traditionally I expected, when seeing a doctor, to be prescribed some ineffective pills and/or inoculation of one sort or another. Surprise, surprise! I received neither. The doctor connected me to some kind of device called Bio Resonance. To my disbelief, the pain went away without a trace in a matter of minutes. The balance of my stay with my mother and trip back to Toronto was without any pain whatsoever. WOW!
Rostyk T (Toronto CANADA)

John and Dr. Natalia are very knowledgeable and friendly people. Their medical equipment is 96% accurate! If you are dealing with an illness or your current doctors can't diagnose your current problems, contact John and Natalia! Highly recommended!
Max S

John is so informative on the modern day technologies that are hurting us. The great part is that there is a way to repair our system holistically.
Cathy E.

I love getting therapies with Dr. Natalia and John. You can't go wrong with these frequency machines they use - both for diagnostic and treatment protocols- since this approach is much quicker and cheaper than going through traditional labs->waiting on results >getting remedies….
Max K., IL

Highly recommend! Love their new office, too! They are fantastic!!!! Extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, & kind! Their one & only desire is to help people get better! They even opened up on their day off to see a friend of mine who was in town for a short time! They have the latest technology & know how to use it. We feel so energized after our treatments. After just 3 treatments, my friend said she felt better than she has in several years post serious surgery! I learn so much from them, too! You will not be disappointed! Run, don't walk to HHP!
M.G., IL

Dr. Ivashchenko is an amazing professional! I highly recommend her practice. Since visiting her, I have felt much better and the problems I came in with are going away for good!
Dilyan T., IL

I learned so much about the sources of my symptoms through the whole body scan that I received at Dr. Ivaschenko's office. Additionally, she has provided very helpful guidance during Covid-19. Knowledge is power. And I have been very empowered by her guidance and support.
Kamberann S., IL

We feel lucky that we found this place. Dr. Natalie and John are caring and very kind practitioners. The methods they utilize are quite interesting. They use a number of equipment to do a full body scan which looks at your health, identify if there is any area of problem or issue that needs attention. They follow up with a treat plan based on the results of the detailed scan. We found it to be very effective, and it helped us to understand where we need to focus and how we can better support our health going forward. We highly recommend them.
Ebru B., IL

I see Dr. Natalia at her Homer Glen location. I had severe eczema for over 1 1/2 years on my face and neck that other doctors were unable to successfully treat. With the BRT and detox treatment from Dr. Natalia and John and the supplements they recommended, my face and the other rashes have cleared up 98% so far. I also had a chronic sleep problem and gut and stomach issues that are much better now. I truly appreciate the care and concern that Dr. Natalia and John have given me.
Nancy W

Dr Natalia and John are two very exceptional people to know .They are both along with Dr Natalias assistant very knowledgeable and professional in their medical line of business .They are willing to answer any and all questions asked without any hesitation and offer the most proper and best theraphy /accupunture possible to treat and correct what is diagnosed by their full body scan...Holistic healthy path is the right way to go my husband and I are both being treated for adifferent diagnoses and are both very satisfied with the results ...We cant thank you enough and highly recommend!
Bernie B., IL

Dr. Natalia is a gift from God! After being sick for 20 plus years, miss diagnosed by many medical doctors and natural doctors, I finally found Dr. Natalia. The BRT machine she uses, is the only way to accurately diagnose your health problems and get answers to why you don't feel good, after the very first time she uses it. Blood tests, and medical tests aren't completely accurate and they don't detect the pathogens, that are the root cause of the problems. Prescription medicine just puts a band aid on your health problems as you continue to get sicker. Thanks to Dr. Natalia, she was able to diagnose my Lyme disease and Lyme co-infection. I'm in the recovery process and believe I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Dr. Natalia!
Donna R., IL

I went to several Doctors including an allergist and no one could give me relief. Had the body scan and with their expert diagnosis I was able to change my diet eliminating many food intolerances and I finally feel like myself. Thank you Dr Natalia
Ty Mickiel


Holistic Healthy Path
at 16614 W 159th St Suite 304 Lockport, IL 60441

Thank you Dr Natalia for helping restore my sense of smell and taste. I had lost those senses for many years because of my work environment. With your therapies and supplements I can once again enjoy those senses.
Richard W., IL

So grateful for Dr Natalia and her husband John! After they diagnosed and started treating what's wrong with my body, it has made a great difference in the way I feel. I've been treated by them for a very short time. I look forward to all my visits, and the day that I'm completely free of everything that is holding me down. Thank you dr Natalia and John!
Helen V

Dr. Natalie and John are wonderful practitioners and really care about their patients. They do a full body scan which will show what is going on with your health and then treat it accordingly. They have helped so many of my friends and family and do such an amazing job. You will start to feel so much better after their therapy sessions. If you ever decide to choose Dr. Natalie and John as your practitioners......consider yourself LUCKY!!!
Yasemin R

Dr Natalia and her therapies changed my life. I started to see a big difference after going to her for consultations, screenings and therapies. I have breathing problems, i was taking medication prescribed by regular doctors for couple years (such as inhalers etc), i am finally free of those medications and i feel great. No asthma attacks or coughing problems any more. I'm still in my way to recover completely but Its been such a big change for me. Im very satisfied with dr Natalia. Highly recommend.

Dr. Natalia and John were recommended by several friends who were helped by them. We have become advocates of her practice and continue to work with her. She has been finding and treating the causes of some long standing issues rather than simply prescribing antibiotics and other medicines that Western doctors often do after "drive by" visits, e.g., 15 - 20 minutes. Dr. Natalia's treatments have eliminated the H. Plyori that Western doctors have not cured in over 20 years. Dr. Natalia truly cares, listens, identifies and treats the root causes.
John K

My wife and I have been searching for a naturopath doctor for many years and finally found Dr. Natalia. I received the whole body scan and started treatment therapies. After a few therapies I started noticing a tremendous difference in the way I felt. Overall energy has increased and thinking is more clear.
Nicholas R

Recently started treatment with Dr. Natalia. I was amazed by the magnetic resonance testing. It has been successfully used in Europe for many years! I searched for doctors for 10 years and I finally got answers that make sense and got guidence and great recommendations. The office is based at her house but very professional and pleasant.
Anita S

My family & I have been clients of Dr. Natalia for years. I highly recommend her to all my friends & family! She has very unique, advanced & modern technology that you will not find just anywhere & they will be able to detect whatever problem you may be having, whether it is influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, parasites, heart issues, gut issues, etc.! That's why she is so valuable! She can pinpoint your problem to exactly what it is using the latest technology & you will not have to undergo any cancer-causing radiation from any x-ray/ct scan machines! She also has the best products & treatment options you will find anywhere!!! A friend of mine was misdiagnosed for the last 20 years of her life. Turns out she didn't have the disease she thought (& was unsuccessfully being treated for)! Dr. Natalia found the real disease & she is finally starting to feel better after all these years! Her treatments are so potent that within 30 minutes of taking one of them, my son smiled for the 1st time in 6 days after being sick!!! She even opened her office on a Sunday for me to pick up a remedy! She is very caring, compassionate, honest & I'm extremely grateful for all her knowledge & expertise. She will not try to sell you anything you don't truly need. She will also offer you the best deals on treatment options & offer you discounts here & there. I find her pricing to be extremely fair for the services she provides! Her products are often even cheaper than online or local stores, but you know you're getting the real product from her. Online products can be questionable at some places. Also, her husband, John, is extremely knowledgeable, too! They are a true blessing! I highly recommend you to take advantage & schedule a consultation with her. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Dr. Natalia has been instrumental in helping me to make positive changes in my health. The initial body scan identified specific issues that explained why I have been in pain for so long. I have since started treatment and have noticed a difference in only a few visits. Dr. Natalia also has been able to recommend specific products to help me begin to detox my body to bring it back to its optimum health. Their treatments are innovative and non-invasive. Dr. Natalia and her husband John are intelligent, informative, compassionate and they are both a joy to work with.
Sue B

Very helpful and informative practitioners. I needed help with my eczema, with which I've struggled for years, and they were able to help me clear my skin within a few visits. Highly recommended. I came here at the recommendation of a friend who also had success with her issues, and am very thankful for her referral.
Christina L

Dr. Natalia is a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable Naturopath. Using the latest technology based equipment, along with my symptoms, she diagnosed ulcers, skin fungus, tonsillitis, Lyme Disease and a toxic liver. Using natural medicine, technology based equipment and giving lifestyle advice, she remedied my ailments, and I'm now experiencing excellent health. I'm very thankful to Dr. Natalia and her knowledgeable husband, John.
Thomas W

Dr. Natalia and her husband John are the best in what they do!!! They know exactly how to diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly. They have not only helped me but have also helped my family and friends with their health situations. They truly care about their patients and make sure they are back to good health again!! I truly feel Dr. Natalia and her husband John are one in a million!!! If you ever get the chance to be their client.....consider yourself LUCKY!!!
Yasemin R.

I am so grateful to Dr. Natalia Ivashchenko for her incredible knowledge and expertise. Dr. Natalia Ivashenko is a truly talented and experienced Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Natalia's primary objective is to determine the root cause of health issues of her patients. She is helping my little son restore his immune system and get rid of the heavy metals in his body. She put him through the complete detox program and BRT treatments to improve his overall health and well-being. I am amazed by the Bio Resonance machine (BRT) resonance testing that has been successfully used in Europe for many years! I am so impressed by the treatment results. Now I have hope and a better perspective of what my son needs for optimal health and wellness. Five-star service, from the sound advice to the range of effective holistic treatment options, Dr. Ivashenko! The great part is that there is a way to repair our system holistically.
Natalie E, IL

Dr. Natalia and John are wonderful and caring practitioners. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a natural alternative to mainstream medicine.
Brian M., IL

I've known John for 2 years and am amazed at how he and Natalia can help people who have gotten incorrect diagnoses elsewhere.
Pat D

I visited Dr. Natalia in her Homer Glen office with my son who had bad eczema issues. After trying different methods that were not working, we tried Dr. Natalias devices. After several treatments, his condition has significantly improved. I'm so glad we were referred to come here!
Christina R., IL