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Dr Natalia: How I Started in Naturopathy

Dr Natalia Shortly after coming from Europe to live in the USA, Dr Natalia incurred bleeding in the webs between her fingers. The dermatologist, instead of determining the root cause of this malady, wrote a prescription for anti-biotics and a salve which she would need to use for the rest of her life. Natalia did not take this recommendation at face value. This problem was non-existent in Europe so why now? With her chess master mind she started to analyze what she had been exposed to that was different. To start, she stopped eating all processed food. Every other day she would add one additional processed food item to her diet. When she added bread to her diet, the webs between her fingers started to bleed. She was gluten intolerant. To verify that the conclusion was correct, she stopped consuming bread for a week. On the 2nd day after eating bread again, the webs started to bleed again.

But why gluten intolerant? Research on topic of wheat resulted in discovering that the wheat in Europe has 14 chromosomes whereas in USA it was 21 and now 42 chromosomes. This higher chromosome count results in higher protein content than the body is designed to handle thus different maladies come into existence.

In 2004 Dr Natalia was bitten by a tick. The conventional medicine doctor did not attach too much attention to the red target-like rash created by the tick bite. Within a year’s time she developed a twitching arm, pain in the shoulder and elbow, and liver problems. In addition she became sensitive to light and sound, ringing in the ears and sensitive to fast motion. A visit to the conventional doctor resulted in proposing chemotherapy. Was told if she did not start treatment immediately, she may not live out the year. The treatment was designed to deal with the symptoms but not addressing the cause for the illness.

Not wanting to undergo the recommended treatment which results in possibly extending life a few years but with pain, she researched and suspected that somehow the tick was the cause. Reading a huge amount of literature and the association of ticks with Lyme disease, Dr Natalia started treating herself for Lyme with what she read and what she knew from her knowledge of medicine. She is Lyme-free now and has lived well beyond the one year time given her. Best of all –no associated side effects or pains that would have followed had she listened to the conventional proposed “wisdom”. Once again conventional medicine had misdiagnosed by only addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause.

It has been a prime directive of Dr Natalia’s practice to determine the root cause of health issues of her clients. Only then will she make recommendations as to what therapies and supplements will effectively address the issues.

Dr Natalia graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) (Traditional Naturopath) with the "highest honors" bestowed from Clayton College of Natural Health.

Continuing her education, she also received her "Ayurvedic Health Practitioner" diploma from NHC.

Dr Natalia speaks:
Ukrainian, Polish, Russian in addition to English

Other interests:
Play piano, chess, organic gardening, and church choir

Professional Associations: Board Certified by AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association) as an Alternative Medical Practioner

Certified by Illinois State Board of Education as an Educator