Why Detox?

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  Unexplained headaches joint painsback  pains or arthritis
Coated tongue, abnormal body or mouth odor
  Chronic constipation, gas, intestinal bloating, poor digestion,  food allergy
  Unusually poor memory, depression, irritability,chronic insomnia or fatigue
  Brittle hair and nails, adult acnepsoriasis
  Sensitivities to environmental odors 

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Reason for these  symptoms is most often due to body being heavily loaded with toxins. Either the filtering organs are overwhelmed or have become dysfunctional. The solution is to detox yourself.

The sources of toxins are from food we eat, air we breathe, drugs we take, water supply, the environment,
   lack of exercise  and excess food consumption. Many toxins set up camp in our body fat. Once there, they are not readily flushed out. That is why you need to detoxify yourself with natural (non-synthetic) colon cleansers protocol twice per year.

An analogy to what your body is experiencing with over abundance of toxins is the sludge in your car engine. The engine will operate even with the sludge, but the efficiency goes down with time. If the engine is permitted to run in the sludge over extended period of time, it finally freezes up. The equivalent to freezing up in the human body, is that the clogged organs either give out or the body dies.

If a body does not void itself at least once daily, the toxins gather strength and are re-circulated. The digested food, even in the absence of herbicides/pesticides, turns into a toxin.

It is not uncommon that Western medicine would try to treat the symptom whereas a simple detox would resolve the issue(s)

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