The first step in detoxifying is to cleanse the colon. The greatest impact on restoring health will be done here. The enzymes can start flowing again and the immune system can be invigorated.

There are many methods of cleaning out the colon: enemas, sitz baths, herbs, colonic irrigation etc.

Just as heavy sludge needs to be meticulously removed in engines, so must the toxins in the body. One needs to be selective as to what Detox is used. There are synthetic (non plant derived) detoxes on the market, but  the use of these is merely repacing the existing toxins with less toxic toxins.

We at Holistic Healthy Path offer only 100% non-synthetic detox that not only cleanses the body of toxins but also the spirit and mind. Very few detoxes can make that claim.

Benefits of Removing Toxins in Body
      Excess mucous and congestion will be cleared out during colon cleanse

   Fermenting bacteria in digestive tract will be cleared out

      Kidney,   liver and blood will be purified, where diet alone 
  cannot  achieve
      Mental clarity   nearly impossible to achieve without colon cleanse
      reduction of addiction   to sugar, caffeine, nicotene, alcohol ...
      hormonal secretions   coupled with essential fatty acids from fresh plant sources help stimulate and strengthen the immune system


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