MenonizerCOMBI reduces the magnetic flux created by various appliances, cordless phones, cellphones… What significance is that to us? Hundreds of scientific studies point to EMF (electromagnetic fields) as causing harm to us by disrupting our core physiological processes. This results in being susceptible to diseases and even cancer. If the physiological processes are not altered, the emergence of disease are almost nill.  

Studies by internationally known physicists from Great Britain and Italy have shown that cells in living organisms communicate via the magnetic flux. Now if the living cells are bathed in external source of magnetic flux (often 24/7), disruption of the healthy internal communication occurs between cells. As a result, the organism’s health starts to deteriorate because the cells are not communicating as to what they need or triggering mechanisms for hormones and enzymes are not synched if at all. The unhealthy state opens the door for disease to make home. (“Magnetic Flux Quantization and Josephson Behaviour in Living Systems”, Del Giudice, E., et al., Physica Scripta. Vol. 40, 786-791, 1989.) 

Our DNA and genes also depend on the internal electromagnetic oscillations. If they are disrupted, significant pathological effects on humans are experienced (including brain functions).
(“Non-thermal biological Effects of Microwaves”, Belyaev, I. Y., Ph.D., D.Sc., Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Toxicology, The Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences, Stockholm University, Microwave Review, November, 2005). 

  “Magnetic, rather than electrical components of these environmental fields may be significant factors in cancer promotion and are supported by engineering studies in the U.S. and Sweden.” (Adey, W. Ross; “Joint Actions of Environmental Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Pollution in Cancer Promotion”. Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 86, pp. 297-305, 1990.) 

A more recent study uncovered why the brain and adrenal glands are more susceptible to EMF. Adrenal glands are the body’s main source of energy sustaining hormones –cortisol. The brain and adrenals contain millions of magnetites that magnet like properties. Magnetites are excellent conductors of EMF. This becomes an issue when external sources such as EMF are impinged on the body thus disruption of communications takes place. The longer the body is exposed to EMF, the more damage to the body as cells start to deform or even die.
(“Magnetite in Human Tissues: A Mechanism for the Biological Effects of Weak ELF Magnetic Fields”, Kirschvink, J. L., et al, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California; Bioelectromagnetics Supplement 1:101-113, 1992). 

The magnetites act as an antenna therefore the impact of EMFs is more evident on the brain and adrenals than on any other tissues. It should be no surprise that brain diseases are more prevalent now than they were before the introduction of Wi-Fi, cell phones, routers, microwave towers, high tension wires … Brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD, brain tumors, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety, headaches, learning disabilities, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, assimilating new material, insomnia, memory problems are the result of EMF disruption. 

It should be noted that while memon may not register a decrease in crude EMF measurements using conventional EM meters or gauss meters, however on the information level of human body, Memon reflects excellent changes. The effects non-the-less showed improvement when measuring with bio-resonance devices. This was not true with non-Menon devices. It may be that the other EMF protective devices reduce some of the crude EMF, are simply too weak to create an effective health environment. Worse yet they may contribute inadvertently to additional EMF. 

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