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It is not enough to give clients recommendations to address their health issues. We take the time to educate clients why their health issues came about and what they can do to stay healthy (eg: diet, extent of exercise, lifestyle, preventive measures...). Clients leave our office with knowledge they would very unlikely encounter when visiting a conventional doctor.

We educate clients how to take preventive measures so that the health issues do not re-occur rather than just merely prescribe a salve, ointment or drug as conventional medicine practices do. Without the knowledge gained, lessons are not learned and the same health issues can come back because no corrective measures have been put into place. As Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) once stated "...it is insanity to keep doing the same thing everytime and expect different results..."

We help many clients with various health issues. The following is only a very short list of services we provide: scan heart to catch any heart and artery issues which do not show symptoms, detect arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, hardening of arteries, stresses on organs, losses of minerals, deficiencies of vitamins and minerals....Click on a for fuller description of services provided. Our recommendations never involve drugs therefore no addictions or toxins added to your body.

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 img girl whisperingWhat secrets does a Naturopath possess to make them a better choice in helping restore body to a healthy state?  clipart GuessOur body needs these 3 things to function at all levels. Two of these the body can make, but not the last one. Can you guess the what
the three types are?
 img weighing selfThere are many ways to lose weight. One method is very fast, dangerous and hard on the body. A better way is ...  img sirl w/ feverWhat do your symptoms mean? What to do and more importantly what
 img targetHow a small deviation in action taken, results in suffering pain or minimal pain plus difference in healing time  img 3 spoons w/ ingredientsWhy are most supplements not working? It's the ingredients. Are yours treated rock as the ingredient?
 icon heart screeningChecked your vital organ lately? Or is cost a barrier? Is the EKG as informative as this ....?  img girl w/ anxietyNew research for ANXIETY that bypasses drugs via algae and special spectrum of light. Is this for you?
 img 4 pensWhen being different benefits the client and their pocketbook. How is that done ....?  img physician staffDo you know the very first step you must take before restoration of health process can begin? Find the answer here.