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Thank you Dr Natalia for helping restore my sense of smell and taste. I had lost those senses for many years because of my work environment. With your therapies and supplements I can once again enjoy those senses.
Richard W., IL




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…I could not sleep for a few months without a pillow between my legs because of pain. In the morning when I got up, I had to massage my leg before I could walk. On my way from Virginia to Wisconsin I stopped at Dr Natalia’s office. After scanning me and doing some therapies in her office, I danced that night at a wedding. I was surprised I felt no pain going to bed nor need to massage my leg in the morning. The pain was gone after only one session of therapies. It’s a miracle. I no longer have that pain in the leg and it has been months since I had the therapy …
Ivanna R. (W Virginia)


Our son was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015 after many years of misdiagnosis and declining health. Many blood tests and ineffective treatments later, we found Dr. Natalia. We were initially apprehensive to try anything new since our son developed a fear of needles. Our anxiety was quickly diminished as the bio-resonance machine (BRT) used no needles and caused no pain. I wish we found Dr. Natalia earlier, as it would have saved us all years of pain and suffering. The BRT was able to identify other pathogens and pinpoint the exact areas of infection in his body while we watched on the computer screen. After years of seeing doctors who doubted his pain was real, this machine validated his symptoms. We were able to treat him with the BRT and develop a protocol that addressed his specific needs and we can, without a doubt, say that our son is Lyme free and healthy

Theresa M. (Orland Pk, IL)

Very helpful and informative practitioners. I needed help with my eczema, with which I've struggled for years, and they were able to help me clear my skin within a few visits. Highly recommended. I came here at the recommendation of a friend who also had success with her issues, and am very thankful for her referral.

Christina R. (Cary IL)





I reside in Toronto Canada. Two years ago I went by bus to visit my mother in a suburb of Chicago. I felt a light pain on my right side at the onset of the 12 hour trip from Toronto. Near the end of trip, the pain became excruciating. When I arrived, I told my mother about the intolerable pain and she recommended I see Dr Natalia Ivashchenko.

Traditionally I expected, when seeing a doctor, to be prescribed some ineffective pills and/or inoculation of one sort or another. Surprise, surprise! I received neither. The doctor connected me to some kind of device called bio-resonance. To my disbelief, the pain went away without a trace in a matter of minutes. The balance of my stay with my mother and trip back to Toronto was without any pain whatsoever. WOW!

Rostyk T (Toronto CANADA)