Owww! Sunburn Hurts  

    Sunburn is the inflammatory condition when the skin cells get overexposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The extent of sunburn can vary from mild to serious. 

There are other factors to consider that make the skin more susceptible to sunburns. Majority of the topical applications of deodorants, colognes, perfumes, soaps use chemicals harmful to the skin. Many of the products we ingest also have harmful chemicals to the skin. These very chemicals weaken the skin and make it more prone to sun burning.

    Some symptoms of severe sunburns are: blisters, nausea, dizziness, peeling skin and sensitivity to light. Repeated sunburns and tans create premature aging and wrinkling of the skin thus resulting in an older appearance sooner. 

First Aid for Sunburns 

Topical remedies: application of aloe vera cream where burns appear. icon sunburn in poolPure aloe vera gel without preservatives or additives can be used. The best remedy is the aloe vera plant itself. If you have access to the plant, slit the leaf and apply generously by rubbing it unto the    affected area.

Coconut oil is another option that when applied helps to reduce the pains delivered by the sunburn.

Still another option is to pulverize cold lettuce leaves into pulp and apply to the affected areas.

A solution that may not be as effective as those mentioned but is readily available is the application of a frozen food or ice pack on burnt area. NOTE: Do not leave the ice or cold pack on burnt area for more than two minutes at a time otherwise potential freeze burns may occur. Repeat the process. 

Prevention of Sunburns 

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure they say. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. 

 o  The sunrays are at peak output between 10 AM and 3 PM. To minimize chance of sunburns, be in the sun outside of these hours

Do not take saunas prior to going out into the sun. The sweating process has already partially dehydrated you thus more prone for sun strokes. Another reason is that the core temperature of body has been raised thus making it more difficult to radiate the body heat in presence of the sun's heat.

 o Avoid    eating  spicy and fermented foods before going into the sun.
 o Before going into the sun,  apply   a mixture of few drops of neem oil and some mild oil such as sesame onto the skin. Neem oil is an excellent sun blocker
 o Drink cool liquids   to ward off dehydration in the sun. Coconut water or coconut milk is an excellent beverage to drink
 o If you must be out for extended period of time in the sun,   wear a wide brimmed hat to cast shade onto face and neck. If your nape is bare, then at least wear a shirt with the collar up to protect the neck from sunburn

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