Health Industry's Focus:
  Your Heart, OR Your Pocketbook?

 Young age and healthy outward appearance is no guarantee that a lurking and often silent killer is not in the background. In some cases it strikes without warning, leaving one debilitated or even parting with this world. 

Alternative medicine, practiced by 80% of the world, is orientated around bringing the body to health. Contrast this to Western Medicine. It is not in the interest of drug and surgical industry to keep you healthy, nor offer preventive education. 

The drugs prescribed often create problems worse than the reason for the initial visit to the doctor. 

The health insurance industry was created by the doctors. It is only natural that it will adhere to wishes of its creators. Preventive medicine / measures are not covered and if they are, it is only in token form of a couple hundred dollars. 

The industry makes billions of dollars on treatments and surgeries versus a paltry 1-5% if practicing preventive.

It's understandable that doctors will not prescribe anything that goes against the grain of the health insurance industry. They don't want to risk losing their license to practice. As a result, unless one experiences the exact symptoms listed by health industry, a silent killer can go on doing its dirty work. 

Because of the aforementioned conditions, the silent killer kills in excess of  800,000 people each year (2,200 /day) and debilitates another  1.2 million (3,300/day). 

 The killer goes by many names: cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart attack, heart arrest, stroke...

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the most preventable and reversible diseases if you know the early warning signs. Unfortunately most of the medical tests that determine your cardiovascular condition are done when it is already too late.

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