Heart stress tests are not best indicators of cardiovascular state of health. A case in point:

I personally knew an active US Army career drill instructor in his mid forties who looked in top form and was slender in build. He was in the field everyday with his men. Two weeks after I last spoke with him I heard he had passed away from a heart attack. He had never complained of symptoms that indicated heart disease.

EKG's are helpful for a doctor but there are other technologies that are far more informative and simpler to setup than an EKG. Somehow this technology is not found commonly in doctor's offices. I suspect because it would not be covered by health plans.

You now know the sad part how our health industry operates but now read on. See how you can get around the problem, in spite of it.

Now YOU do not have to wait for symptoms to develop before you can address possible cardiovascular health issues. You do not have to wait for a doctor to issue a script to determine if you have heart or arteries issues.

You can take control, get screened today while you still have time to reverse the early warning signs. In most cases, with early detection, vascular disease can be corrected effectively.

 We at Holistic Healthy Path offer the new technology that gives far more information than an EKG. It is FDA approved. Results are available in matter of minutes. No disrobing or fasting required.

 Not only do you find out if you are at risk, but also receive a consultation what to do if you are. As stated before, heart diseases are reversible and can be done without drugs.

Based on annual heart checkup with us, the investment in yourself is less than $65. Compare that to $70,000 to $250,000 for surgery and risk with infections ... if you were to become a candidate for immediate surgery.

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