Bio-Resonance technology (cont)

Listed below  is a limited sample of things this device can identify:

• Non-invasive bio-chemical blood analysis
• Genetic predispositions and risk
• Allergens and their reasons
• Multivariable analysis of homeostasis in systems and organs
• Evaluate the biological activity of micro-flora
• detect acid-alkali balance in tissue
• EMF (electromagnetic fields) sensitivity (wi-fi, cell phone …)
• diseases and stage of development ….

Not only does this device diagnose but it also does therapies such as:

• remove inflammation and restore damaged organ functions
• normalize micro flora of organ
• help remove toxic heavy metals, chemicals, drugs …
• help remove addictions to food, alcohol, nicotine …

alt img Audit scanHaving read the above subject matter, you have a very limited view of what this device can do. Our clients have given us great reviews because we have identified the root causes for their health issues and applied the appropriate protocols to resolve them. In short time they were able to see improvements and start feeling better. These results were due to correctly identifying on the first consultation

Knowing what you gleaned from these pages, you may want to ask yourself:

do I continue with my current doctor/practitioner who uses only
conventional methods of diagnosing and only treating the symptoms”


 “I want to see a doctor/practitioner who uses the SensitiveAudit so
that I am sure with 96% accuracy the reasons for my health issues have been identified so that the appropriate protocol can be followed from the Get-Go

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