You may still be wondering where the "rock " came from earlier in the story. Well I'll tell you what I found out. 

 clipart rock grinding Limestone a common rock found in nature, when treated with lactic and citric acids  results in calcium citrate (not a citrus fruit product). Calicium carbonate is another product resulting from treating limestone and is counterproductive if you are trying to increase your calcium level. Calcium carbonate is an antacid and it reduces absorption. 

Calcium supplements made from ground seashells are still not a plant complex therefore not readily absorbed.

You may ask how does one know   which supplement to buy?

It's quite simple: read the labels. Most inorganic   isolated mineral salts  are typically composed of   two words  whereas the   plant complex   will be identified with the  mineral followed  by the  plant source  .

For example inorganic mineral salts would read as calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, copper sulfate, copper gloconate, magnesium oxide, amino acid chelated magnesium, manganese sulfate …

Further research on the internet using keywords “mineral supplements from rock” resulted in 437,000 occurrences. The following was extracted from one site:

A method of enhancing health and vitality in a mammal, comprising the steps of: comminuting stone in admixture with an antibiotic, the stone being selected from the group consisting of sedimentary rock, igneous rock, metamorphosed sedimentary rock, metamorphosed igneous rock and mixtures thereof; and orally ingesting the comminuted stone. 

Various articles use the argument that a consistent and controlled quantity of mineral salt per capsule/tablet can be created via this process. The plant complex on the other hand can’t be as controlled because of soil conditions, type of plant etc etc.

This argument is weak and the price differential is small. However the improved absorption from the plant mineral complex  stands out glaringly  . 

To end the story, Tom G. started taking the plant mineral complexes and shortly after the fatigue symptoms disappeared. 

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