Mineral salts are taken up thru the plant's root where then enzymes and micro-organisms start the plant's metabolism process. 

These salts now exist only in complexed mineral forms. image root with plant

 The complexes are found in the carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins of the plant.    

Animals cannot absorb the isolated mineral salts (at least not in the desired quantity for healthy body functions). Therefore animals need to rely on plants to get the minerals. Humans can either eat the plants or the flesh of animals that ate plants.    

Problems arise with supplements that do not originate from plants.     

Various researches show that isolated mineral salts are not absorbed well by a human body in general. Studies have also shown (just to cite a few comparisons) that  food complex minerals are more readily absorbed than isolated mineral salts:

 Absorption Rate of Food Complex vs Isolated Salts

       Food Complex

 % Better than Isolated Mineral Salts


     879% more absorbed in the blood


       185%    more retained in the liver


       530%   more retained in the liver


       220%   more absorbed in the blood


  1,760%   greater antioxidant affect


     646%  more absorbed in the blood

  Note: the above percentages are indeed in the hundreds

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