Taking Healthy Supplements
  - Or Rocks for Your Health?

    Tom G. could not understand his malady. He slept 7 hours each night. Had breakfast according to the food pyramid. Yet two hours later into work, he felt fatigued.

A visit to his doctor and some blood lab work showed deficiency in magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Iron level was marginal.

icon fatigued faceThe doctor prescribed supplements for his deficiencies. A month later there was no significant change. He was still tired early in the morning. The new lab test showed the same deficiencies at approximately the same levels as before. Even more puzzling was that the urine sample showed large quantities of the very items he was deficient in. 

The doctor said he saw this happen frequently but had no explanation as to why it occurs.

Relating his problem to a friend, his friend suggested Tom to see a naturopath. The friend knew of one whom many have praised for her success with health issues.

The Naturopath requested that Tom bring to her office the supplements he was taking.
She looked at the ingredients and said,

 "You are eating rocks and expect to get healthy?" 

Tom stared at her in bewilderment. "Was she daffy?" he wondered. 

The naturopath pulled out her books and pointed to the topic on mineral salts in one of her books.            

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