How to Prevent / Minimize Pain

Nature has created innate methods of survival and minimizing harm and pain to the body. However that miracle becomes undone when introducing the X factor.  

See if you can figure out what the X factor is. The answer will be given on the following page. 

Scenario One 

Sally was cutting Romaine lettuce for a salad at a restaurant where she worked. The knife moved so quickly that she cut into her finger resulting in blood flowing freely.  

Sally grabbed her finger by instinct and then released it to see the damage done. It was not cut to the bone but did appear to need medical attention. A nearby clinic put in a couple of stitches. She did have company for few days in addition to the stitches. It was called PAIN.

Scenario Two 

Robert was working in his woodshop. As he stooped down to reach for something, his shoulder nudged a precariously  hanging sharp edged chisel. (Note to non-woodworkers: a chisel isimg injured fingera sharp tool used to cut away wood in limited area). The chisel, in its free-fall flight, caught his hand before landing on the floor.  

As a result Robert found himself with a deep gash in index finger. He too grabbed his finger. He held the finger tightly for 20 minutes. Surmising need for possible stitches, he tightly wound his finger with bandages and drove to the clinic. Two stitches later, he was on his way back to the workshop. However, he had very little pain associated with his injury. 

Why Were the Pain Levels Different? 

Because of the X factor! Have you figured out what the X factor is?

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