Neutralizing (EMF) Radiation Products Price List

memonizer MOBILE - (Available in black or white) for Smart Phone, cellphone, iPod, MP3 device, cordless phone, landline, baby monitor or smart watch.     >> details


memonizer WIRELESS 2 pieces per pkg notebooks, mouse ...    >> details<


memonizer CAR S – car, station wgn, e-bikes, motorcycle


memonizer CAR M – minibus, camper,caravan, tractor


memonizer E-CAR –  Electro & hybrid vehicle, camper


memonizer COMBI S (up to 1050 sq feet) plug


memonizer COMBI M (up to 2100 sq feet)  plug       >> details<<


memonizer COMBI L (up to 3750 sq feet) plug    >> details<<


memonizer COMBI XL (up to 5500 sq feet)      >> details<<


memonizer WATER S (up to 1050 sq feet)


memonizer WATER M (up to 2100 sq feet)


memonizer WATER L (up to 3750 sq feet)


memonizer WATER XL (up to 5500 sq feet)


memonizer POOL S (or Jacuzzi) up to 13 cubic yards


memonizer POOL M up to 52 cubic yards


memoinzer WLAN – for wireless (WiFi) routers and modem routers used with memonizer COMBI


memonizer WORKSTATION – for computers, large TVs, heavy electronics, work, at home office, home


memonizer FOOD


memonizer BODY – These are recommended for visiting environments with electromagnetic pollution such as supermarkets, stores, office, etc. However, these are far from being capable of offsetting electromagnetic pollution as can residence and office memonizer COMBIs, or memonizer CAR A that is used for car or to carry on person.
Memonizer BODY casing is available in three different body types: silver, black or diamond. Silver is least scratch resistant and Diamond is the most. The bands come in 7 different colors:

1) black   2)  blue 3)  brown 4)  gray   5)  green   6)  matte-white 7)  purple   

wrist size:    Sml -5-1/2 to 5-7/8  in. circumference,               Med  -6-1/2  to 6-7/8 in. circumf         Lg - 7-7/8 to 8-1/4 in. circumf                           XLg - 10-1/4 to 10-5/8 in circumf (gray only)

Body casing:             Silver -- $ 96                   Black -- $137               

Circle desired Band Color, Wrist size,  and Body Casing




See prices at left 

memonizer SUN - For solar units     (one required per each converter)


memonizer HEATING S (up to 1050 sq feet)


memonizer HEATING M (up to 2100 sq feet)


memonizer DOG


Book ‘The Memon Revolution'


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All sales final. NO RETURNS accepted because of the nature of the equipment. One may not see visible external indications yet the product is doing its job on the cellular level but invisible to the naked eye. Nevertheless the body is experiencing a healthier environment. Call for instructions if equipment is broken

■ All Memon product orders must be prepaid. Call or bring to office the order form with desired products

Memon devices have not been evaluated by the FDA and, therefore, no health-related claims can be attached to these