Memonizer Mobile


  • Telephones 
  • Telephone Systems 
  • Cell Phones 
  • Cordless phones (DECT / GAP) - they need each mobile terminal with a memonizer MOBILE and the base or transmitter should have the power grid with a MemonizerCOMBI be harmonized. 
The technology used is called: " Information Polarization Interference Chip Technology" (ipict®) where it counteracts the vibration (pathogenic information) or negative side effects produced by the telephone. A-twenty year lifespan and it is transferrable to other cell phones in the future. A 24/7 full protection on the EMF/EMR for as low as 2 cents per day.  
In the simplest form of explanation the device takes the signal and inverts it (mirror image). When the original and the inversion are added together, the net result approximates a zero value which is good for us. Thus the mobile device becomes safer to use with the inclusion of the Memonizer Mobil or Memonizer Bluetooth.  
  How to install the Memonizer Mobil or Bluetooth
  "Why Wireless Radiation Can Make You Feel Sick" by Dr Stephen Sinatra

It should be pointed out that memon® Transformers are not medical products and are not specifically recommended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. It is also important to note that many Physicians and Doctors in Europe, the USA and Australia with decades of experience in treating complex illnesses with both conventional and holistic healing strategies have seen clear evidence of improved patient response when the memon® transformers was introduced to their environment.

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