The public at large is not aware that alternative medicine which has been practiced for thousands of years (5000+ for Ayurveda ) has a proven track record without all the ill side-effects.

A side note: Alternative medicine is practiced by 80% of the world. Therefore it should be the Western Medicine that should have been called "Alternative."

Alternative medicines have one objective: bring the body into balance. The body is a major factory of enzymes, body fluids, chemicals etc that are necessary to run the body functions smoothly. Given unadulterated food, water, minerals and vitamins, the body manufactures all the chemistry needed for a healthy body.

The body knows what it needs to function and the introduction of man-made pharmaceuticals stifles the body from being in balance. Once the body is out of balance, too much or too little of necessary chemistry takes its toll on the body. Additional pharmaceuticals taken to correct the previous pharmaceutical side-effects only increase the “catch-22” syndrome .     

We at Holistic Healthy Path stand by the motto

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

We believe that t he body heals itself given the right balance and environment. It is our focus to educate our clients and bring the balance with the help of enzymes, herbs and diet.

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