Reactions to Pain and What We Should / Should Not Do in Response

As children and young adults we did not listen to our parents and paid the consequences. So too it is true if we don't listen to the early signs of pain. If ignored, it often results in much worse scenarios. So listen to it. Don't cover your ears (aka DRUGS).

As humans we want to avoid pain. We will readily give our money to anyone who can make the pain go away. Treating excruciating pain is one thing, but for those who are just trying to stop discomfort, this is the focus of this page.

Pain is typically associated with inflammation when an organ or part of a body is out of whack because of malnutrition, digestive problems, excess toxins, lack of certain minerals or vitamins. Inflammation raises the temperature where the problem is concentrated.

The body is telling us that something is amiss.

Unfortunately rather than listening and trying to find out what the body is telling us, we try to "shut it up". By taking aspirin or other pain reducing drugs, we lower the temperature of the inflammation.

 With this action, we have just unwittingly extended the healing period. The inflammation is part of the healing process which we had just stopped / slowed down. We never tried to find the root cause for the pain.

Instant relief has become the banner for modern society. Even if it is at the expense of another portion of a body. How often we hear pharmaceutical ads with disclaimers and possible ill side-effects? What many of these ads fail to mention is that the liver is one of the first organs to suffer from these toxic drugs.

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