Repairing the Gut

-the Key to Restoring Health

Many therapists are stymied how to treat chronic diseases because of the many forms, disguises and symptoms displayed. Rather than focusing on the root cause of the malady, they typically try to address the symptom(s) but with little success.  

Almost all chronic diseases origins are due to dysfunction of the small intestine. This area is body's first line of defense. Critical activities transpire in this important immune system organ: (a) interaction of intestinal bacteria and lymphocytes, (b) secretion of antibodies -specifically Immunoglobulin A (IgA), (c) breakdown of proteins during digestion, (d) sharing detoxifying process with liver. 


img villi 


The gut is lined with mucosa which includes lymph follicles (found in isolation or in colonies). This in conjunction with diffusely placed lymphocytes creates the intestinally associated lymph system. 

The intestinal flora and percentile composition determine the state of health the body experiences. The percentage of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora, fungus, acid level are factors influencing state of health. This balance is easily disturbed by: (a) diet (b) antibiotics (c) disease (d) functional disorder (e) increased acid level. 

Nature provides protection of intestinal mucosa (lining of the gastrointestinal tract) via intestinal wall with associated lymphatic system, IgA and bacterial carpet. The bacterial carpet and the mucosa form one unit. There are ~400 different varieties of bacteria colonizing the space between lower ileum, colon and rectum. 

 Factors known to destroy intestinal flora are: (a) antibiotics, (b) antacids, (c) laxatives, (d) nicotine, (e) food preservatives, (f) too much meat, (g) too little vegetables  (g) excess sweets, (h) fast foods … 

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