The blood is not sterile but a playground for all kinds of bacteria, micro organism (both pathogenic and non-pathogenic). The following thesis can be summed up:   

1       Disease means disordered symbiosis(interaction between two or  
  more different biological

2       Illness is a biological problem, and only biology can solve it 

3      The milieu (internal physical environment) makeup is crucial: it determines which pathological process can develop in individual organs or in the body 


Based on above it makes little sense to use antibiotics or anti-fungals whereas it requires bringing about and enduring change in milieu. Analogy: healthy growth of garden occurs in healthy soil. The human body is completely dependent on intense symbiosis with their micro-organisms.

It must be noted that even though the sick organ(s) may not be directly connected with the intestines, the symptoms are indirect consequences of dysbiosis (microbial imbalances) in the intestines. It is of no value to try stimulating the immune system if not addressing and correcting the intestinal immune equipment (Peyer's patches, villi and mucosa).   

During restoration of intestine, a simultaneous dietary change will be required to change the milieu acidity levels. It has been found that people with chronic disease have a too acidic milieu. Therefore this requires that the alkalinity be raised to 70%. 

To establish long term health of intestines, it will be necessary to discontinue cow's milk dairy products and food using hen's eggs. These have been found to be antagonistic to the villi and cause for allergens. Also avoid acid producing products amongst which is refined sugar. Favor vegetable proteins in lieu of meat proteins. 

"Holistic Healthy Path ©" has Intestinal Rebuilding Program to help with this very objective of modifying the bacterial carpet and change the environment that will support/restore the gut to a healthy state. 

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