Geo-pathogenic radiation

The term “earth radiation” refers to natural causes that change the earth’s magnetic field. The impact can be positive or negative on all living things on earth which includes the human body. Crossing of water veins at different depths, rock faults / fractures, fault lines create measurable deviations of earth’s magnetic field. These deviances are called geo-pathogenic fault zones.  

When these fields coincide with our modern technology such as high voltage electrical systems, cell phones, wi-fi, phone towers …, the negative impact is magnified on the exponential scale. The geo-pathogenic radiation create magnetic fields that cause plant life near fault zones to become twisted/stunted. The impact on human was less noticeable only because we did not associate the two until recently.   

The geo factors and modern technology bombarding us daily has been found to be a source of ill health and even cancer. 

Water flows thru cracks and crevices in the rocks. Greater amount of force is required for water to go thru hard soil or rock. The higher the force required, the greater the static electricity is created from the rubbing action. Static electricity creates a field about itself. The crossing (not merging) of two water vein create  an electric field that is increased in intensity and distance the negative field reaches. 

The symptoms (irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations, various pains and arthritis) are commonly found in presence of water veins crossings. The symptoms are more pronounced in flora and fauna. Malformations, spiral or twisted growth is experienced by some plants in this area, also early forking or cancerous lumps.  

Apple trees, birch, pear, beech, pine, cherry, lime, apricot, walnut, sycamore, pine, elm, linden, and plum avoid the vein crossing zones. Many other trees seek out these zones. Vegetables (with the exception of asparagus) avoid growing in these zones but reptiles,  insects, bacteria and cats seek out these areas of radiation. They thrive in these zones. 

In the past, houses were not built where ants had their mounds built. Farmers would wait and see where the animals (exception of cats) and birds would lay down to sleep and then build their homes there. It was a good sign if swallows or storks built their nests on the roofs. It meant the house was not near a water vein crossing and not experiencing geopathogenic interference. 

Unlike plants and animals, the humans do not feel the amplified radiation. However the radiation causes demonstrable illnesses as per discussions of Dr Bloss MD, Dr Hager MD, Dr Aschoff MD, Dr Hartmann MD and Prof. Bergsmann. 

Dr Bloss indicated that the earth radiation changed blood pH values over time.  A large scale study at the University of Vienna proved that the earth radiation did affect the heartbeat, speed of impulses transmitted thru nerves, and skin’s electrical resistance. 

Every protein has a certain resonance frequency. Geo-pathogenic zones affect the body’s proteins with their frequencies which results in the protein producing damaging frequencies. These in turn cause failure of tissues and organs. Most damage of these proteins is experienced when a person is sleeping over these radiation zones because of exposure time. Physical ailments experienced in these water vein zones are: tingling arms and legs, tiredness, headaches, lack of energy, and hyperactivity among others. 

It is very hard to treat a person who sleeps, works and spends most of his time in such zones. It becomes a no-brainer that the person must relocate to another area free of these geo-pathogenic zones to enable a chance of full recovery. 

There is another choice if re-locating is not a viable option –the Memon, in its various forms and purposes, neutralizes the negative effects of earth's radiation. 


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