I sometimes wonder if this word originated as two words: fast sting, fast elimination or perhaps fast exiting. At any rate this is one of the fastest way to recover from overload of toxins in the body in conjunction with taking special herbs/enzymes to cleanse the various organs.

We believe at Holistic Healthy Path that the most effective way of cleansing your colon without intrusion of tools into the anal orifice is to take organic herbs and simultaneously fast from solid foods. Replace the solids with an all-liquid diet of vegetable juices. Do this for 3 to 7 days.     

Shorter durations than three days are ineffective. Durations greater than 7 days can dump more toxins into the blood stream than most of us can handle. If durations need be beyond 7 days, it's suggested that it be done in a controlled clinical environment.    

The fastest way of eliminating toxins is using the water fasting rather than vegetable juice fasting. The digestive system has nothing to digest therefore heavy fecal matter is avoided. The only fecal matter will be that of damaged, diseased or unneeded tissues such as tumors, congestive waste or excess fat deposits.    


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 Fasting works by self-digestion. If considering       water fasting ,    it will be hard and harsh on your body. The huge amount of toxins, released too rapidly thru the elimination channels, can  re-poison      the body as all those chemicals move thru the bloodstream at once. 

A better approach is the vegetable juice fasting because it nourishes the body with needed vitamins and minerals. It is less intensive than water fasting. The alkalizing juices neutralize uric acid and other inorganic acids better than water. Juices also better support the metabolic activity and increase the healing effect.   

Now that the body has been detoxified, it is time to rebuild healthy tissue and restore the energy. With the colon cleansed and the enzymes and hormones starting to function more effectively, the following is recommended in the rebuilding stage:    

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