Digestion is a complex process that prepares the food to be absorbed in the digestive tract. Poor digestion results in malnourishment. Without the proper absorption of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, the body cannot maintain a healthy state<

What we eat and how well it is absorbed, contribute to the energy production, cellular growth and repair, and strength of the  immune function.

It is not uncommon to eat the right foods and still have digestive problems.

The cause  -enzyme deficiencies.

This is where supplemental enzymes come to the rescue.  
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There are 3 main sources for enzymes: (1) animal, (2) plant and (3) plant based.

Animal Enzymes are extracted from the pancreas, stomach and small intestine of animals. These are used most often to support glands. Some of these have anti-inflammatory properties. The limitations are that they require an alkaline environment to become active. 

Plant Enzymes derived from pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain) are used primarily for inflammations because they're activated at temperatures higher than the normal body temperature

Plant Based Enzymes About 80% of all enzymes sold, is based on this last source of enzymes. They are microbial or fungal. Not only are they natural but they break down or digest more fat, carbohydrates and proteins 
than any other source

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