Dynamic Distillation

Steam distillation is one water treatment technology that consistently removes the greatest range of water contaminants. It removes chemical contaminants, heavy metals, micro-biological and pharmaceuticals. The steam distilled water contains no more than 10 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS).

Most methods attempt to remove harmful products out of the water. The distilling process removes the water from harmful products.

Water is first converted to steam in the boiling chamber and then condensed to the end product of distilled water. This method is unique because instead of removing contaminants from water, water is removed from contaminants.

Steam kills micro-biological contaminants like E-coli, giardia, legionella cryptosporidium. These organisms are not evaporated but stay behind with the sediment, TDS and heavy metals. Any VOCs like benzene, bromoform, chlorine, chloromine that do rise with the steam are discharged through a gaseous vent in the condensing coil. After vapor condensation, the resulting water is further percolated through a carbon filter which removes any residual VOCs. After the carbon filter, the purified water is collected into the collector reservoir.

Distillation is simple, most effective and comes with a bonus of being the most economical. 

Distillation is a clear choice if you want the purest water without all the monitoring and maintenance and high costs.

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