Detoxify Your Body and Many Disorders Vanish

April 23, 2011
John Ivashchenko 

In our modern world we cannot help but toxify our bodies by the environment we live in or the food we eat.

Whether you live in smog city or high up in pristine mountains, the air carries many pollutants from the smokestacks or car exhausts of heavy metals (ie: cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead etc). We either breathe it in or it settles on crops to be later ingested with our staple foods.

We are also exposed to toxic wastes as the pesticides and herbicides are washed down into our water streams and rivers. The gases given off from plastic items are also toxic to our body.

All of these toxins impact our body. The greatest damage is done to our brain, kidneys and our liver. The liver is our first line of defense of filtering out the toxins ingested or that which the lungs did not exhale back out.

Many of the heavy metals and other toxins are lipid soluble (not water soluble but soluble in organic compounds). The protective barrier to the brain permits only lipids to pass. Unfortunately these lipids carry the heavy metals to the brain where they play havoc with our nervous system and create numerous afflictions.

Some of neurodegenerative ailments have been linked to toxin exposure, including Parkinson's disease, ALS, learning disabilities, conduct disorders, and certain dementias.

Cadmium poisons the lung, kidneys and liver. Until recently when precautions have been installed, welders welding cadmium breathed in the cadmium vapors. Their livers had high levels of the toxin. The liver was dying from overload and no quick and easy way of eliminating this.

Mercury affects the brain, kidney and lungs. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include sensory impairment (hearing, speech and vision), lack of coordination, insomnia, and memory impairment.

A common source of mercury is found especially in tuna. According to EPA standards the amount found is harmful to the body but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is more lenient and permits these levels. This puts a question mark on FDA’s seal of approval for consumption.

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