Customized Plans:

Exercises: different levels of exercising is recommended based on body constitution. Type and duration of exercing may be harmful to certain constitution and yet beneficial to another. Which group do you fall into?
Are you harming yourself?

Food: Majority of people are unaware some food is beneficial for one body constitution but harmful for another.

Some require only cooked food while another body consitution prefers raw food. Find out which group you belong to and the recommended food for that group.

Supplements:  Based on your challenges, recommendation on supplements (enzymes, herbs, and 100% food supplements such as vitamins & minerals ...) are customized to optimize bringing your body back into balance.

Detoxification: A sequenced plan to cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals. The use of special all natural preparations helps clear the "mind fog" and memory loss as well as bringing the body to a healthier state. No drugs are used

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