How to counter EMF dangers

  • Are you aware of the dangers of EMF (electomagnetic fields) especially Wi-Fi  have on you and especially young children?  
  • Have you found brain fog creeping up on you? It's not due to old age  
  • Some health issues seem to never resolve regardless of therapiies and herbs/pharmauceuticals taken?  
  • Are those smart watches putting you at risk?  

The equipment used for whole body scan, majority of the time shows very high sensitivity to EMF because of the accumulated load

The EMF "safe limits" set by FCC by far exceed those that impact on biological level and exceed 6 to 10 times that of other countries' limits.

Being aware of the dangers is not enough. Be proactive and take countermeasures to undo or minimize the effects of daily bombardment of EMF on our body and brain.

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