Initial Consultation consists of filling out medical and health history. This is followed by a non-invasive bio-feedback scan which is included in the price of consultation. This highly  accurate scan  identifies the pathogens, viruses, heavy metals and toxins found and their whereabouts in the organs and tissues. This results in identifying the root cause of health issues experienced. The scans also find in clients imminent (in the near future) health issues before the symptoms rise to the surface or are experienced.

This comprehensive scan in conventional medicine methods would require extensive scheduling, specialists , money and co-payments whereas it can be all achieved here for the fee of one initial consultation. One scan is said to be equivalent to 10 different  conventional medicine specialties tests. Conventional medicine would never uncover uncoming health issues because it kicks into exploratory mode only when symptoms are made known. Thus conventional medicine operates 100% in reactionary mode.

Fees for Service to be paid at time of appointment. CASH only

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