The memonizer COMBI operates subtly and quietly. The effects it creates is to bring the environment into balance. One will notice that the air smells fresher, improved energy levels, better sleeping. This in turn results in more calmer reactions to things not going your way, less tense (electrified) communications within and outside of family. Pets have also been found to be calmer in this environment. One word describes all these interactions and effects -harmony.

All of this is directly related to the silent work in the background by the Menonizer COMBI. The unit builds up harmonic field that protects from the destructive effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields) and geo-pathogenic stresses. Another benefit from this unit is that it reduces the amount of fine particulate in the air which is most surely inhaled. This is accomplished by generating more positive and negative charges into the air thus causing the fine particulate to cluster, become heavier and fall to the floor. End result -less particulate and fresher smelling air. Fresher smelling air –better sleep. 

Simply plug the COMBI into any outlet. The only electricity used is to power the small LED light which indicates that it is working. 

The different sizes of menonizer COMBI operate the same way, except sized for different square footage. A larger and stronger unit would be used for a larger area.


image menonizerCOMBI

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