Bio-Feedback Scanning

Sensitiv Imago, an FDA registered medical device, is a non-invasive technology used to assess the biological activity of microorganisms (parasite, bacteria, protozoa or virus) within the organs of a body. It also identifies what the entity is and graphically where it is located within the body as well as its biological activity and the disease stage of risk.

It is not uncommon for one to experience similar health symptoms which may be due to different causes and thus often misdiagnosed when using conventional methods. Based on symptoms and medical history alone, still leaves some guesswork as to the cause and how best to resolve it. With this tool the guesswork is minimized to a very high degree of accuracy.

image bio-scan

The principle of this equipment is based on the capability to tune to frequencies of the master pulses, detect and correct defects and/or pathologies in the organs. The device evaluates the organs condition directly due to the resonant frequency amplification of the signal generated by the organs. Every organ/cell have their own distinctive oscillations which are then displayed graphically and represent the conditions the organs are experiencing at that time.

This tool selects an effective solution which will give maximum positive effect

Image abpve is sample of screen displayed during testing of organs. The different colored dots, triangles... depicted indicate levels and locations pathogens, viruses, bacteria, diseases or toxins causing health issues.

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