Secret #3 Whole Body Analysis approach   

A Naturopath looks at the whole body (holistically) rather than at the symptoms exclusively. A skin disorder may be an indication of a stressed liver or possibly high toxin levels. Recommendations for detoxification may clear the problem.

Conventional medicine approach would be to apply an ointment or even possibly an antibiotic.
 Antibiotics kill all bacteria (good and bad bacteria). 

  Secret #4 Avoid Introducing Toxins Into the Body

Most drugs slow down the process of healing or mask the symptom(s).

Elevated body temperatures and inflammation is the body’s way of destroying harmful bacteria before the healing process can occur. Taking aspirin lowers the body temperature and prolongs the attempted healing process.

Taking drugs is a double whammy. Not only have you extended the healing time, but drug toxins have been added to an already weak state of body. The liver now has even more toxins to contend with than before.

  Secret #5 Excludes One-Size-Fits-All Technique 

Naturopaths that have studied  body constitutions  are better able to serve clients than those who have not or are conventional doctors. They can recommend the type of foods that are beneficial and which are not (one man's food is another's poison). Certain foods setoff reactions to certain body constitutions.

Knowledge of constitution type also helps guide what type and duration of exercises one should undertake. Often people with the wrong body constitution do strenuous exercises that do more damage than good for their body. 

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