Secret #6 Use Many Different Therapies     

Naturopaths have many therapies to address health issues. Some forms are: hydrotherapy (water), heat, sound, light, homeopathy, enzymes, deep massage, body movement

Conventional medicine most often prescribes drug(s) to relieve immediate pain or appearance. There is total disregard to the introduction of toxins to the body.

If one is fortunate to have annual blood work done, the doctor looks for out of range values. Typically he/she prescribes what? A drug! Talk about limited therapies in conventional medicine: drugs or scalpel !

Secret #7 Educating the Client  

Many Naturopaths take the time to educate clients on living a healthy life. For example they explain why  aspartame (artificial sweetener like NutraSweet … in many diet drinks) should be avoided because one of its detrimental components (wood alcohol) affects the brain and nervous system.

Either the doctor doesn't read up on the toxins on the market or has selfish reasons not to educate the client. It could be they are counting on you to come back for a drug to counter the drugs ingested in the processed foods.

Yes, natural plants and herbs can be technically classified as drugs for medicinal purposes but majority of them are not treated as toxins by the body.

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